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152909: (CP) Intro to Palette 11

Join us for a hands on Introductory Class to the amazing Palette software.  With Palette, you can edit and manipulate designs, as well as create your very own embroideries!  The software is feature rich and very powerful!  In this first class, we’ll dive into basic operations, and the amazing shapes and fill stitch capabilities.  If you love working with the shapes and fills in IQ, you will love Palette!  Join us! 


1. You must have the Palette software installed and operating on your PC; We will not be able to help you load your software. 2. You must also be able to perform basic computer skills. You will need to know how to navigate your file systems, as well as utilize a variety of the built in Microsoft commands ? right click, left click, save, delete. etc. If you are not familiar with basic commands and are unable to navigate the software, we will not be able to assist you in class.
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152909: (CP) Intro to Palette 11

$ 25.00
$25 ($10 if you have the SWI Class Pass!)

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