BabyLock Mastery: Solaris IQ

Mastery courses are offered EXCLUSIVELY to SWI machine customers.  When you buy a machine from SWI, these courses are FREE to you for as long as you own your machine. Take them once, twice, or whenever you feel you need a refresher!   These courses, referred to as “Mastery Courses,” were developed to help you get the very most from your machine purchase.   

You may register for only ONE Mastery class at time. 

The Solaris IQ Mastery Class will teach you the ins and outs of the built-in digitizing software located in your new Solaris! The purpose of this class is to give you creative inspiration using the Solaris IQ features! You do not want to miss this class!

This class is lecture-demo format - there is no supply list.
Please bring a pencil and notebook to take notes!

BabyLock Mastery: Solaris IQ

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