Serger Swing T Shirt

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to make a T shirt with your serger!  Just a few simple seams, and you’re done!  Make either a traditional t shirt, or modify the pattern, as we did, to make a stylish swing tee. Either way, you’ll never buy retail again.  You’ll make your t shirt with the perfect sleeve and hem length, not to mention a scoop or V neck!  Join us for this fun class!

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Skill Level:
Beginner and Beyond
Materials Included:
See supply list for details.
Serger in good working order. All serger brands welcome!

Serger Swing T Shirt

$ 25.00
$25, if you purchased your serger at SWI. $50.00 if you did not purchase your serger at SWI.

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